The premier curling coaching tool, used around the world by national teams, including the Canadian Curling Association.

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Shot-type stats

CurlBook provides performance stats based on the type of shot thrown.  Shots are scored out of four, and broken down into 15 specific shot types.

In addition to a performance stat for the game (or multiple games), CurlBook provides a breakdown of performance on each individual type of shot, optionally filtered by in-turn or out-turn.

This level of detail enables your team to focus on practicing the right types of shots, and exploit the deficiencies of other teams

Miss-type stats

CurlBook has pioneered the use of miss-type scoring.  On each shot, the user has the option of marking an issue with:

        Thrower weight or line

        Sweeping weight or line

        Broom placement

        Strategy call

        Thrower tolerance

        Brooming tolerance

CurlBook then creates detailed reports of how often a team or player will miss in a specific way (i.e. line), and how they tend to miss (i.e. inside or outside).

This data is invaluable for any team wishing to improve their performance, and as a scouting tool provides the competitive edge needed to take advantage of other teams’ weaknesses.

Visual review

CurlBook allows each shot to be further described with a house diagram.  Coaches can then visually review the game with their players, giving them a more complete understanding of any mistakes they may have made.

With CurlBook, the sheets and rocks are presented  to scale, allowing for an accurate depiction of each scenario.

CurlBook’s house diagram tool is the simplest and most pleasant to use of any iOS App.

Multiple games

CurlBook tracks teams across all of their games, and presents scoreboard stats for each team.

So much more

  1. CurlBook tracks picks, burns, hogs, hog-violations, and throw-aways.

  1. CurlBook tracks performance on “mission-critical” shots, so you know exactly how each player performs under pressure.

  1. CurlBook sends detailed email reports of all games played by a player or team, or a shot-by-shot breakdown of one specific game.

  1. CurlBook exports data in a comma-separated-value format, which can be viewed and manipulated in Excel.

CurlBook is the ultimate high performance curling coaching tool.

It is unparalleled in the data it collects, and its ease of use.

If you are serious about your success, join the best curlers in the world and purchase CurlBook now.